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Use Green Resinate Cleaning Solution your water pipes, bongs, hookahs, and vaporizers, or any pipe made of glass, metal or ceramic! Biodegradable, earth-friendly and safe for the environment, Resinate is an alcohol-free abrasive cleaner that works instantly to effortlessly remove even burnt resin from your pipes.

The blue Resinate bong cleaner is a non-abrasive formula great for cleaning your glass pipes, bongs, and bubblers, but can also clean pyrex glass, ceramic, or metal. Just soak your product inside the liquid and lets sit for a couple minutes. For tougher buildup you may want to let it soak for longer or shake it up a little.

This size bottle contains 12 or 4 ounces and features a pop-top cap for easier product control. Available in 12oz or 4oz sizes Works Instantly & Easy to Use Patented Formula & NO ALCOHOL Best on Glass, Metal or Ceramic Earth Friendly, Biodegradeable and No VOC's The New #1 Brand in Cleaners!

Resinate-Glass Cleaner

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