Torch Art™ - Kanye 2020 by Jason Williams

Torch Art™ is a new line of butane torches brought to you by ErrlyBird™. Torch Art™ features an original Torch Tag, which is a limited-edition high quality prints of original artwork created specifically for the Torch Art™ line. Torch Art™ is also an incredible butane torch and carries a no-proof Lifetime Warranty. When you purchase Torch Art™, you're not only supporting an artist, but you're also buying a torch for life! 

In order to receive service or repair on your Torch Art™ please send us an e-mail  

This edition of Torch Art™ features one "Kanye 2020" Torch Tag design drawn by Jason Williams! Only 200 editions of this design were printed. © 2015.

Follow him on Instagram @thekingdub

Torch Art Kayne 2020 by Jason Williams